About Us

Hey there, welcome to MusicGearAdivsor. We are a group of music instrument and music gear enthusiast with both years of experience among us, and also a lot of valuable insight into music gear related issues, queries and concerns. For this reason, we decided to start MusicGearAdisor.

Our mission here is quite simple and is divided into two main agenda. First off, we aim to provide extensive information on problems and continuing issues you may have with your music gear or tools. Instead of rushing to the shop when something isn’t right, we love to encourage users to understand the problem, while still proving a way to fix it. However, it is important not to misunderstand what we portray here. There are fixes that are safe to do on your own while others require the assistance of a trained professional.

Second and lastly, it is our goal to guide potential buyers and users through the latest gear on the market, or even existing gear that you may be interested in. Because manufacturers don’t make their instruments and devices exactly the same, it is dependent on the buyer to critically review the features, comparing the differences in order to make the right/reasonable choice. This is where we come in. Taking on this tedious task, we will look at a wide variety of gadgets, and provide you all the need to know information before you can commit to any item.

This is the most exciting part of the job, where the team spends hours on research, for not just quality but suitable gear for all sorts of users. Moreover, we love to include valuable information not just on products, but on information helpful to your needs as a user. Needs are an important part of many purchase s and will influence your choice of gadget, capabilities, features, you name it.

Ideally, the goal here is to truly understand a piece of equipment and provide honest unbiased information regarding said equipment. Using this information, users can navigate easily through upgrades, new purchases, you name it.

Here at MusicGearAdvisor, we appreciate interacting with beginners, intermediates and professionals alike. As such, our team of music experts and authors are dedicated to providing all essential information is an easily accessible way. We also appreciate interacting with different users who provide valuable first hand information with their gear. This way, all users across different levels of playing producing, composing and creating can find this information helpful.